Security Window Guards - Any Shape, Any Size Home Security Window Bars serves the United States as a full service design and build manufacturer of high quality Security Window Guards, Door Guards, and Window Security Bars.

We provide both standard size units as well as custom sizes for mounting on either interior or exterior applications. Our window guards, security screens, and burglar bars (also known as window grilles or security grilles) are designed to allow for Life Safety Quick Egress, as required by local fire department codes.
Color-matched Window Guards. Click Here for more info. Home Security Window Bars protect from future break-ins and vandalism. Click to find out more. We secure many doors and offices with our Security Screens. Click Here for more info.
"Even after we had cameras and an alarm system put in, we had yet another burglary. Since having Home Security Window Bars installed, they have stopped intruders completely from breaking in. We havenít had a problem since."

Kurt P.
Director of Safety & Security, West Covina
Fire Marshall Approved Life Safety Quick Egress
"An immediate payback! Where Home Security Window Bars were installed we have saved literally thousands of dollars in vandalism costs."

Mark S.
Director of Facilities, San Jose
"As Childcare Coordinators of Ontario YMCA, we were so pleased with the job done by Security Window Guards. It enhances our windows as well as secures our childcare site. Thank you!"

Ilene S.
Childcare Coordinator, YMCA
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